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Company Profile

High Quality of Cooling Fan Systems

Founded in 1976, Sun Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional automotive parts manufacturer for radiator fan motor assembly, A/C condenser fan assembly, A/C heater blower motor, and brushless DC motor.

Over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Sun Yi is approved by its consistent and superior quality in customer service as well as an assurance of high quality products. As a result, Sun Yi is recognized as the most valued provider in the aftermarket.

Comprehensive Products Cater to All Your Needs

Currently, Sun Yi holds over 40% market share of the domestic aftermarket in Taiwan. Sun Yi is proud of its all-round production experience, full range of manufacturing equipment, and powerful technological forces. Sun Yi takes the one-stop shopping initiatives in providing customers with diversified and comprehensive products. Sun Yi is also keep improving the product and service quality, enhances the sense of trust and satisfaction from customers continuously.

Sun Yi has been retaining the business emphasis on sales growth, actively working on expands the business relationship with international partners in America and Europe. Sun Yi has been striving to improve its technical innovation and design capabilities to conquer the overseas market, and build up trade-based approaches to develop business in the world by the win-win strategy, continuously export the excellent products to international auto parts markets.

Cost-effective, High Efficiency, and Heavy-duty

Sun Yi owns a highly qualified, extremely communicative and fully committed team of R&D, which is currently being directed by Mr. Chi-Wan Cheng, the president of Sun Yi. Sun Yi invest its 15% annual revenue in R&D expenses for the new products, hence Sun Yi always plays a trailblazer role in the automotive radiator/condenser fan motor field in Taiwan.

Reliability, Quality, and Worldwide Certifications

For supply the best products to the world, Sun Yi is certified ISO 9001:2008 compliant. Sun Yi uses its industry-leading manufacturing technology, R&D, global marketing, and excellent service to supply worldwide customer demands with the most comprehensive range of products, including Toyota, Ford, GM, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

New Factory in 2019

Sun Yi’s brand new factory will be conveniently located within Shin Chi Industrial Park in Tainan. The land area of the new factory is over 15000 square meters. In the new factory, the total workshop area in a three-storey building is more than 20000 square meters. The new factory has been completed on November 28 2019.

Through the expansion of the production capacity, Sun Yi has the ability to produce and manufacture excellent quality products with reasonable price and provides excellent services.

In the future, Sun Yi is looking forward to expanding global reach in the automotive parts markets. Sun Yi can provide the cost-effective, high performance, and heavy-duty products for global markets. The OEM and ODM orders from the world are welcome.